Mid/Long Term Strategy Review with Implementation of Planning & Monitoring Processes

At Ajani & Kimberly we review your organization’s business strategies and processes, and cover all baseline implementation planning review within its business processes. We outline and segment the various business processes and create world standard SOPs that improve your growth and impact the overall productivity of your business.

New and Existing Business Strategy

Every business has its life cycle, but in other to maintain growth, every company requires a review process that develops new business practices. By implementing technological innovations, business diversification, efficient corporate management and a greater sophistication of business restructuring then an organization can meet its vision.

Review and Establishment of Subsidiaries Measures, Revenue Advancing, and Stabilization of Financials

Organizations with many affiliates and subsidiaries require advantage and disadvantage assessment of its services and goods, analysis of risk for both sellers and purchaser, identify reasonable purchasers and also preparations of financial statement. All solutions must be executed in tandem with a firm implementation of specific applied procedures.
It’s our mandate to make it all happen.

Organizational Restructuring

The adaptation of organizational, economical changes, and complexity dues to technological innovation, restructuring has become a necessity for every working environment. Every organization needs to put into consideration the accelerating changes that has been put forward with developed societies and emerging countries.
At Ajani & Kimberly we intend to take our clients to the next level regardless of industry or capacity.

ERP Project Implementation

Technological advancement has become the order of the day, and leveraging technology for efficient process is essential for big businesses. Effective ERP Modeling allows your organization streamline processes, finance, HR, Supply Chain etc.

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