Every company needs the right kind of financial model that mirrors its growth, redefine its necessities and can also assess the gaps within its industry. We at Ajani & Kimberly offer the best financial strategy service that ensures increase in revenue and exponential expense reduction.

Financial Statement Modeling

This is a tool that is built in-house, which we provide our clients to forecast business financial performance into the future. Our models are based on the company’s historical financial performance, their assumptions of the future that inculcates cash flow statements, balance sheet, income statements and any other supporting schedules. Our models also include Sensitivity Analysis, Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Discounted Cash Flow analysis and other areas of request by our clients.

Cash Flow Projections

We understand that every business needs to evaluate its business health by identifying areas to boost the success of its services, within operations and strategy. This is why its is necessary for business to create a cashflow projects and we believe that with cash flow projections businesses can predict cash shortages and surpluses, determine early in the business where there are needs to make adjustments, therefore reducing expenses, and also estimate the effects of any business changes.

Financial Policy

At Ajani & Kimberly we ensure that we help organizations create financial policy guidelines that clarifies roles, authorities and responsibilities for every essential financial management activity within your organization. We do our analysis on your company’s financial positioning and then apply world standard efficacies, which takes into consideration areas of concern of the organizations stakeholders.

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