By understanding your organizations corporate vision and business environment we look into the business and managerial strategy planning, also highlighting areas of new business consideration.

Business Longevity

Our focus is based on certain factors that come together to ensure elements of excellence in every business. These factors include organizational systems that understand quality management systems (which include all areas of manufacturing, services), a business strategy that has its effects within its performance in marketing, growth and innovative capabilities.

Business plan and Feasibility Study Creation

These services should be considered for every intending big idea, startup and most especially during an intended expansion into other areas of business. There needs to be a necessary distinction on whether your big idea or business needs a business plan or a feasibility study which distinguishes whether or not your business knows if to conduct a product demand study or a market analysis. Either a business plan or feasibility study, every starting or expansion in business needs to understand the processes necessary to grow their business.

Optimization of Infrastructure Development

At Ajani & Kimberly, its is our intention to continuously guarantee our clients by demonstrating continuous improvement in its IT Operations, optimizing infrastructure and boosting the end customer’s satisfaction from our clients. Requires bringing together infrastructure management that ensures your business effectively manages its IT environment by mapping both its applications and infrastructure.

Work Plan creation and Implementation (Specific for NGOs and Development Organization)

Work plans for NGOs are strategic planning processes that give strength to the organization to manage its projects, ensure the efficiency of its resource and its focus is on the right track with the goals of the organization. It also guarantees productivity of the employees, understanding the requirements of its stakeholder and the ensuring the capacity of organization towards its common goals. A work plan includes key performance indicators (KPIs), key result areas (KRAs), expected outcomes, strategic objectives, and all activities within the organization’s projects, staff performance and the overall goals and targets of the organization.

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