We understand the necessity of creating opportunities for businesses, we have identified how our strategy leads to results and we know that the services below can ensure that companies around the world can meet the world’s standards and beat its competition.

International and Local Partnership Consulting

At Ajani & Kimberly, our aim is to provide both local and international partnerships in energy, ICT, public-private partnership, government agencies, transportation and supply chain etc. Our solution is using our business development solution, financial analysis, project management and sector reform strategies.

Business Viability & Diagnostic

Requires solutions in strategy, finances, marketing, HR and operations. Our intention is to understand the areas that are most important to your business by creating action plans and strategies based on the important values of your organization. We also evaluate the performance of your organization to know exactly where the errors occur and targeting new business strategies and purpose that reaches new levels of operations.

Business Development

Our business development strategy combines a sales and marketing approach with a mix of traditional and digital techniques. Our strategic approach includes networking and giving our clients essential proposal toolkits that allow them to leverage opportunities that ensure business growth.

Market Research and Penetration

Our market research and penetration analysis provide our clients with well-researched information to understand the position of their services or products in the market. Our assessments are used for business insights, market share variance, gaps assessment in production and business intelligence of product life. It’s the necessity to every business in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, IT and energy.

Partnership and Investor Opportunity

Growing companies require relationships with partners or investor who can enrich their organization with various opportunities like effective human capital, material resources, world-class IT solutions and innovative strategies. We at Ajani and Kimberly believe that we can think through and implement critical processes for the organization to attract strong collaborations. Also by implementing our business development, PR and Marketing strategies, we intend to take our clients to the next stage of progressiveness within their organization.

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